Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Flycloser semester #2, SOC legacy building

CARE is an important aspect to have within each organization. During this past bowling season, we have had a tremendous amount of success. We have had junior, Nicole Reed, come in 2nd place in the KHSAA regional tournament and advance on to the state competition. Also, we had Nicole Reed and senior, Grace Calhoun, advance on to compete in the 2017-2018 All star team. What CARE has looked like within our team is everyone cheering on each other. For example, We had people from the team go and cheer on Nicole when she competed in the state competition. This is important to make sure that everyone on the team knows that we will always have each others back and be the support system that everyone needs. It is important to have a caring and supporting environment when you want to create a powerful and successful team.

Furthermore, within the SOC community, we show CARE with all of the hard work and dedication we put into completing a task. The way that I have shown CARE within SOC is by helping others with the projects they have. I know that it can be very stressful trying to put everything together by yourself so I want to be the support they need in order to accomplish the projects they have in mind. For example, I have been helping the group that has been in charge of planning winter formal because it is a major event that needs many people in order to create an awesome night. I ask questions and ask them what they have needed help with because it will help take some of the stress off of their shoulders. The less stress means the less things that they have to worry about. I feel as if my CARE has been beneficial to the SOC group because it shows others that they do not have to take on every task by themselves. Everyone needs help sometimes and it is important that they know that everyone in this group is always available to lend a helping hand.

Moreover, the CARE that I have shown within my organization will impact the community because it will influence others to reach out and help others. By being the person that everyone looks up to within the bowling team, it is important for me to lead by example. I want everyone on the team to come together and create the supportive environment and to show other schools how our support system is the reason as to why we succeed. Once everyone on the bowling team understands that CARE is an important aspect they will spread it out to our community and apply this to their everyday lives.

All and all, CARE is important when it comes to creating a close bond between your student organization. If you want to succeed you must be the person to start the change and reach out to others and help them succeed. By caring for others, tackling the notion of success will be an easy task.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Flycloser Semester 1 Reflection

As our Bowling season begins to get closer to regionals I keep asking myself, what am I doing to help my team members become their best selves? I want our team to achieve and move on to state this year and one way that we can all accomplish this is if my team members are not only committed to the team but also committed to their school work. Education always comes first before any extra curricular activities. I will personally check up on everyone and ask them if there is any way that I can help them achieve at school as well as with bowling.

Moreover, some of the questions that I should be asking as bowling representative that I am not is does everyone feel connected within our team. I am going to plan a day where the whole bowling team will just go out and have fun and build up the bond between everyone. I want each athlete to feel a connection with everyone on the team so nobody feels left out. Some things that we can do to create this bond is have a movie night or a night that we all go out to eat. I want to ensure that we are in a fun atmosphere so we can all create wonderful memories together. 

Furthermore, this week I have been putting together a great fundraising opportunity. I have been organizing a bowl a-thon which will be a pledge event. Each bowler will find 1-2 sponsors and they will pledge a certain amount of money to give to the bowling team depending upon how many pins the bowler knocks down. I feel as if this will be an amazing opportunity for our team because we would be raising money by doing something that all of us love. I also believe that we will get 100% participation within our bowling team because this will be a fun and exciting fundraiser.

All and all, one thing that I am most proud this semester within S.O.C is how involved that I have been within our organization. I have built so many new relationships and feel connected with all of the people within this class. Also, I am proud of my small group and how each of them have taken on so many different leadership opportunities. For example, my small group has been working on the ignite for January 12, 2018. We are all collaborating and combining all of our ideas together to create a fun environment so we can have a huge turn out for that basketball game!

Friday, December 1, 2017

FlyCloser Friday 12/1/17

Communication is important when it comes to connecting within our organization and our community. This week as bowling representative I have connected with our sponsor via email, to inform him about the upcoming service project, the angel tree. In order for our entire organization to be in the loop I am going to be having a conversation face to face, in order to ensure everyone knows about this wonderful opportunity. By communicating using email, social media, blogger, and even personal conversations, then we can have great connections within our organization and our community. On Wednesday during practice, I made sure to clearly communicate when everyone should arrive for our upcoming bowling match on December 2. I feel as if communication is essential to having a closer connected organization.

One question that I keep wondering about is, "What will our organization be like in the future?" This week I plan to collaborate with the lower classmen and future leaders within our organization and ask them what ideas they have for our team in the future. It is important to ensure everyone in involved within our organization because it is time for everyone to take responsibility and show the pride that they have for our team. Everyone's ideas are important to growing and becoming more connected as an organization and through the actions we take we can become a strong organization.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Flycloser Friday Reflection 11/17

Part of my role as being SOC Representative for Bowling, is to ensure that everyone is being shaped into their best selves. One way that I have done this is by watching for the leaders within our organization. I look for the people who are really committed, the people who show responsibility, as well as the people who have the potential of becoming the bowling representative next year. As a senior here at our school, I must ensure that the next person to be leader must take pride as the representative. I have been working alongside many people within our organization who would definitely be a great representative for our bowling team.
Another role that I take on as bowling representative is ensuring that we connect with our community partner, the Humane Society. The bowling team had a big turn out when we went to the humane society and learned the proper techniques on taking care of the animals. It was important that we had such a good turnout because it showed our community partner that we want to volunteer and help. We want to keep a strong connection and be sure that they know that we are excited to help them with any upcoming projects.
We have plans to connect with the human society once again and help them to write a newsletter. Our organization is honored with this opportunity. When this opportunity begins, I plan on having my entire organization attend to really make sure that we have close ties with our community partner.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

*Raffle Ticket fundraiser*

Hey guys!

As our Raffle ticket fundraiser comes closer to an end please be sure to sale as many raffle tickets as you can. This fundraiser is to help cover the expenses of the bowling alley and the tournaments we compete in. Once you sale your raffle tickets be sure to turn them into Coach Hamilton or Coach Cecil so you can receive more tickets to help cover all expenses! 

Thank you and Go Generals!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Welcome Bowling Family!

Welcome to our newly designed digital home!
This blog is designed to be a hub of information to connect us all to the mission and vision to create a awesome and rewarding sport experience in Bowling here at Thomas Nelson HS!